Protect Employees From Pandemic

An old stating goes “Hope is NOT a strategy.” Yet numerous company execs were WISHING that an injection for the H1N1 influenza would be the remedy to lessening employee absence and ailment throughout the yearly flu season. With the required injections in such short supply largely unavailable that even the most vulnerable demographics can not get them, it’s time to develop one more technique.

The Occupational Health and Safety Management (OSHA), has been creating company emergency training programs for years. They joined forces with the College of Findlay’s All Threats Educating Facility (AHTC) to generate an efficient video webcast for local business proprietors and also execs. This training device, “Pandemic: Situation as well as Reaction”, is readily available online free of charge watching.

Besides the real video clip itself, this H1N1 influenza response training package uses several preparation devices customers can make use of for their company. These consist of:

  1. A FAQs area that manages inquiries that have actually arisen from other webcast viewers,
  2. A list of various other pertinent training materials from various other resources,
  3. A pandemic planning template that you can relate to your very own company,
  4. A flowchart of crucial preparation subjects to entrust reaction planning groups,
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” Pandemic: Situation and also Prep work” is the most recent in the AHTC’s collection of ALERT video-based training webcasts. ALERT stands for “Actual Understanding Environment Action Educating”. It is a cutting edge online training shipment system that utilizes professionally-produced video clip – typically captured live during the webcast – with interviews of topicexperts or panels and viewer Q&An engagement. These webcasts have actually received regularly high marks from viewers for their influence, significance and also ease.

This unique H1N1 Influenza Pandemic training webcast was created particularly to resolve exactly how a business must prepare for and react to the H1N1 influenza dilemma. Primary topics covered are:

a. searching for alternate providers of important production inputs, including products, outsourced services, transportation/delivery as well as functioning capital – to ensure business connection,
b. developing convenient “sick plans” that protect healthy and balanced staff members as well as connect what to do (and not to do) in different situations,
c. cross training to have depth at one of the most crucial features,
d. workplace methods and also devices that sterilize efficiently as well as protect against spread of the virus,
e. if it makes good sense to accumulate devices as well as supplies remotely so healthy workers can “resupply” far from the headquarters location.

After viewing the webcast – as well as re-viewing particular topics, as the training is broken up into distinctive topic locations – your operations organizers can apply the ideas to your own business making use of the included Pandemic Planning and also Response Design Template. Read more tips in this article on how to protect employees while reopening during this time.

While action to the H1N1 pandemic will certainly be one of the most instant application, audiences will certainly discover that the theme is an excellent basic device for any circumstances where business sustainability and survival when faced with an extensive dilemma are at threat.