School for parents in nature. Hiking with the family

What kind of routes are most suitable for going with the family?
Where can I find the best information about excursions with children?
Which are the best lodgings from where appropriate and low-cost hiking trails depart?
How can I make better use of the Visitor Centres of the Natural Parks and the municipal Eco-museums?
What kind of technical material and clothing is most suitable for each time of year, and are the websites, maps, and guides where route information appears reliable?
What educational and cultural resources can I add to a hiking route to make it more complete?

These and many other questions will be answered in the basic training offered by the Centre Excursionista de València through four practical mini-courses that will be a good complement to our family activities in nature.

It is a proposal for parents who love nature and want to complete their trunk of knowledge hikers to enjoy more safely, comfortably and properly with their children.

A theoretical-practical training with the help of specialists in family hiking in nature that you will certainly take advantage of for your family outings.

Some interesting topics that will be covered in the first two sessions are:

1st session

Getting to know the Mediterranean mountains: natural hazards and potential for family routes.
The main mountain ranges of the VC are the most suitable for excursions with children depending on the orography, biodiversity, communication, equipment, and services.
Guide of signposted itineraries: the network of short and long-distance trails, the interpretative itineraries of the natural parks, greenways, nature trails and thematic routes.
Guide of equipment to stay in the mountain: refuges, hostels, rural houses, holiday resorts more suitable for families.
Cartographic and eco-tourist information: a manual of management and access to useful and updated information.
Family hiking guides of the VC and the rest of Spain: all the information on routes to go with children, adapted and accessible. Familiar tourist municipalities.

2nd session

The hiker’s basic material: materials suitable for going with the family and with small children. The purchase of equipment according to the sporting activity.
Additional equipment for parents: first-aid kit, mobile phone (112), GPS, etc.
The planning of the family excursions: from the easy, we advance to enjoy each route. Family group progression techniques. Specific adaptation by age groups in children (tables on ages, unevenness, and distances)
Safety and food in the mountains. Basic elements to prevent accidents and losses.
Animation as part of the family group excursions: an outing to the mountains as an experience full of sensations for the whole family.

Tips to enjoy and be happy on every mountain outing. Exchange of experiences in social networks.
In each mini-course there will be an excursion (some of which will be proposed in the Sierra Calderona Natural Park and the La Murta y la Casella Municipal Natural Park, among others) of about 3 to 4 hours of simple walking where theoretical knowledge will be put into practice, through exercises and the simulation of situations that occur with children.


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