Norwegian Spirit Cruise Experience

Norwegian Spirit cruise experience – Day 1: Barcelona, boarding

Day one, the dilemma begins.

The problem was to organize ourselves to go all the way to the port and take our luggage with us.

The good news is that we are from Barcelona (the cruise ship’s port of embarkation and disembarkation).

As there were 6 people what we did was to go by car with all the luggage and carry it.

Four people got on board, and I drove home in my car and then went with my partner to the port by public transport.

The good thing about the port of Barcelona is that there is a bus from Colon for the lazy, which drops you off at the terminal where your cruise is (it costs around 2€), on the other hand, there is only a short walk.
We went for a walk so we could take some pictures along the way.

Finally on board! We arrived at the right time, our cabin was ready and our bags were already waiting for us at the door. So without further ado, we settled down, cleaned up and went to inaugurate the buffet, this time we were traveling in an interior cabin near the bow (it was what we had, our intention was to take a balcony but the boat was full from one day to the next, it’s the bad thing about not being able to make the reservation in time…)

After lunch, we had just enough time to go for a walk, see the whole boat and take a look at the pictures.

Shortly afterward it was time for the drill, we had to go to the location he had indicated in our cabin.

Between one thing and another, it was a pretty busy day, bye bye bye Barcelona! It’s time to sail! It’s time to put our hair in the sea! We were on our way to Casablanca (Morocco), we were expected to sail one day until we reached our destination (for my taste, I could have made some stops during that day and sail at night).

We continued taking advantage of the day, we saw a show, we had dinner again at the buffet and we just got settled in, it seemed like a lie, but the cruise was already starting, among other things we were waiting 9 days to get fed up with lunch.

Norwegian Spirit Cruise Experience

Norwegian Spirit Cruise Experience – Day 2: Sailing

It was our second day at the Norwegian Spirit, we had a long day of sailing in between and our first destination was far away.

As the weather was bad, we could not enjoy the outdoor facilities, so we spent most of the day playing cards and enjoying the indoor leisure facilities as much as possible.

The bad thing was that the cruise ship was pretty crowded so you saw crowds of people everywhere.

Norwegian Spirit Cruise Experience

Norwegian Spirit cruise experience – Day 3: Casablanca

We were finally reaching our first destination! After a long day of sailing in the middle of the…

On this occasion and as it was another country unknown to us, with other customs… We decided to hire the excursion with a Spanish speaking guide that the cruise proposed.

We had to get up early to make the most of our morning in Casablanca.

We boarded a bus and toured several areas of the city of Casablanca, some of them we saw from this one but many others we went down.

The highlight of this visit was our visit to the spectacular mosque of Casablanca.

In general, our visit to Casablanca was very good, the guide was very nice, which made our visit to Morocco more pleasant.

In addition to the visit to Casablanca, the boat offered other options, such as a visit to Marrakech (but it was a long trip).

So we came to eat on the boat and never went out again. We ate, prepared for the afternoon, enjoyed the common areas of the show and again, in the evening we set sail again.

This is where a cursed day began!

We were having dinner when the boat was leaving the port of Casablanca, waves of more than 7 meters pushed and rocked it as if it were a paper boat, everything was spinning around us.

So we had no choice but to pick ourselves up in our cabin.

Norwegian Spirit Cruise Experience

Norwegian Spirit Cruise Experience – Day 4: Sailing

One day to erase from memory, the night was horrible, the corridors were flying, the crew members were handing out pills for dizziness, but he caught us having dinner and it didn’t do us any good…

For a long day we were real zombies, the good thing is that it was a sailing day, so we didn’t miss much either.

We spent practically the whole day locked up in the cabin, we had nobody at all.

If you find yourselves in this situation the best thing you can do is to take a dizzy pill in time.

I tried to take it like I was in a rocking chair, but everything was spinning and our stomach didn’t like it at all.

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